Sylvie Raymond

About Madame Sylvie

As learning is a life-long journey of discovery, after completing a Bachelor of Arts, teaching certificate and an ESL diploma from Simon Fraser University, I pursued a Master degree and a Doctorate degree in TESOL from Sheffield University and Exeter University in the UK.

Following graduation from Simon Fraser University in beautiful British Columbia, I taught French Immersion to elementary students for a number of years before embarking on an incredible overseas ESL teaching adventure which lasted over two decades.

In addition to being adept at developing educational programs, another of my passions is initiating and managing Writing Centers to help students progress at their own pace.

When I am not actively creating teaching materials for my students, I travel the world, scuba dive, hike, read and enjoy photography.  Since a picture is often worth a thousand words, you may want to learn more about my teaching experience and travels by viewing this About Me slide show.

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