Adding Hebrew/French to your computer keyboard

Feb - 05 2019

Hello everyone, This was put together for Hebrew, but the same rules apply for adding French to the keyboard, of course simply adding the French option instead of Hebrew. Very helpful for projects or other writing tasks. Thank you to Josh Max for putting this together. Installing Hebrew keyboard on iPad or iPhone: Go to […]

Des liens pour les verbes ‘ir’

Jan - 15 2019      

Grade 6 Core French – Verb quiz, vendredi le 7.

Nov - 29 2018

Grade 6 Core: Verbs quiz: vendredi le 7 décembre.  What should I study?  Avoir  Être  Aller  Faire  Les verbes ‘ER’ (manger, parler, aimer)  You also need to know the pronoms personnels (je, tu, il..)    What will be the format of the quiz?  There will be 4 sections on this quiz.   The first section will be ‘dictée style’ where I call out a pronoun and verb and […]

Nous Sommes Uniques – Quiz – 6 Core – vendredi le 2 novembre

Nov - 02 2018

Nous Sommes Uniques – Quiz, vendredi le 9 novembre.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about the history, customs and traditions of the Métis people.   Our quiz will consist of two parts; and worth 20 marks.  The first section will be 10 multiple choice questions based on the text. There will be 3 possible answers, with only one being the correct choice.   […]

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