Grade 6-7 and 8 Extended French daily slides:


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Here are the links for our daily slides for every grade-level:

The lesson notes for each day can be found on our class blog page. Within the lesson notes there is key vocabulary to review, short video clips in French to watch, and inquiry questions to think about. Please do explore them!


For grade 6 Please click:  6ème année 2023-2024

For grade 7 Please click :7 ème année 2023-2024

For grade 8 Please click : 8 ème année 2023-2024

La première semaine à l’école !


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Hello dear Parents, colleagues and students,

We started the year with the following video :

Please watch it and read your child’s resolutions for the new school year in their blogfolio.

  • Réflexion sur la vidéo suivante. Ecrire le vocabulaire partagé .   Will Smith…awesome!!!


The concept of a growth mindset and its importance in education.  Growth mindset is not just about effort, but also about trying new strategies and seeking input from others. We also learned that misconception of equating effort with learning, and the need to focus on the goal of learning and improving.

Teachers in helping students develop a growth mindset by appreciating their efforts and guiding them towards new approaches when they are stuck.

This video is specifically designed to capture the interest of kids in grades 5 to 8. It aims to address their curiosity about how they can enhance their intelligence and become smarter. The content of the video is engaging and interactive, making it suitable for children in this age range. It covers various topics and strategies that can help kids improve their cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving techniques, memory exercises, and critical thinking skills. The video also includes real-life examples and relatable scenarios to make the learning experience more enjoyable and relatable for the target audience.



Welcome Back to School !


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DELF exam grade 8 class 2023


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 OJCS DELF exam success 100% 


“There is a floor but no ceiling “

This year grade 8 students were the first class writing the DELF exam in French language and those who took the DELF were 100% successful . 

They were so worried and stressed about it but they proved their resiliency and determination and were all successful. 

All parents were so grateful to receive an official French certificate that students will use for life and for their future allowing them to get any job in Ottawa that requires bilingual employees. 

All the best for our amazing students.

Franco-Fête dress reminder


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You are cordially invited on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 6.30 pm to OJCS!


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On parle, on vit et on s’amuse en Français !!

We speak, we live and we have fun in French!


Dear Parents:

  • “La semaine de la Francophonie” the week of the  Francophonie will take place during the week of March 20th to March 24th, 2023.


 The French teachers, in collaboration with all the staff at OJCS are in the process of organizing a special week starting on Monday March 20th to celebrate the French language with your child(ren).

  • During this week, all students will celebrate in the classrooms during French lessons, by participating in various French activities.
  • During library time, students will participate in various French activities related to the theme “Time is precious”  including “les dix mots de la Francophonie” (the 10 words of the year in French language).
  • On Wednesday March 22nd,  students will participate in rotating games at the end of the day in the French language. 

You are cordially invited to attend your child’s performance on Thursday March 23rd at 6.30 pm.


We look forward to seeing you.


French faculty.


Announcing the Launch of the DELF @ OJCS


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Dear Grade 8 Extended French Parents,

From this year onward, we have a new and exciting opportunity that will be offered to interested Extended French students in the Spring.  We will be facilitating the Diplôme d’études en langue française (aka – the DELF) exam which measures 4 competencies (Listening Comprehension, Oral Communication, Reading and Written Expression).  This is an internationally recognized certification program that unequivocally means a student who meets the criteria can join immersive French programs (e.g. at the high school level in local school boards, as well as other private schools and IB programs).  In future years, following this initial pilot, we will be offering this to Core French students as well, so they can also show their level of French mastery.
Some important things to know:
  • The DELF is considered proof of a student’s French language skills;
  • This certification is recognized internationally in 160 countries;
  • It is used as the standard of levelling by universities, employers and the Canadian Federal Government;
  • Once a student receives the diploma for a particular level it is valid for life;
  • Students throughout high school and university (and even once they are employed) can continue to take the exam to qualify for higher levelling.
Some more important details – I will be invigilating the exam on-site in April 2023, however there is a cost of $125.00 to write it.  If a student chooses to write the DELF exam, it will take the place of their final French exam in June.  I will of course make myself available to answer any questions.  We can set-up individual appointments, or if there is interest, we can host a virtual Q & A.
Keren and Wanda

Grade 8 Extended French learning


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Dear Parents and Caregivers: 

We are starting a new unit in Littératie en action 8 called La nature sous nos pieds. 

Students will explore the unit question, “What can we do to reduce our ecological footprint?” They will read and listen to explanations on the impact that humans have on the environment. 

They will read articles, interviews, poems, encyclopedia articles, and an adventure story, all related to the environment.

 The learning goals for this unit include

 Reading / Viewing

 Students will practice and apply the comprehension strategies: ask questions, determine what is important, pause and check understanding, find clues to word meaning, interpret findings, and summarize. 



Students will learn about the features of an explanation and will use what they learn to write their own explanations. Oral Communication Students will learn skills and strategies and then apply them to organize a press conference. 

Media Literacy 

Students will evaluate media texts. 

They will analyse the text’s purpose and intended audience, the techniques used to capture and maintain interest, and the producer’s point of view. At the end of unit study, students will show what they have learned by organizing and presenting a press conference. They will use reading, writing, oral, and media skills and strategies to complete the task. You can support the learning goals for this unit at home by discussing the unit topic, as well as the unit skills and strategies.


Wanda Canaan

Bonsoir et Bienvenue en classe de 6 eme, 7 eme et 8 eme extended French!


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Grade 6-7 and 8 Extended French 2022


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Our daily class slides are always featured on the blog so they can be easily accessed by both students and parents.  I will be sending links that will be used everyday by students during class time and at home.

For grade 6 Please click:  6 ème année Septembre 2022

For grade 7 Please click : 7 ème année Septembre 2022

For grade 8 Please click : 8ème année Septembre 2022 


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